02 Desember 2010

mwathirika : in the eye of aprodhita ...

(aprodhita is an indie crafter, a friend that i met on blogger world... watching mwathirika for 2 times... thank you so much, mbak dita and mas agung for the wonderful pictures!!)

“MWARTHIRIKA” is a visual performance without words, about that dark history which we tell in an imaginative way, like a fairy tale. performed by Papermoon Puppet Theater, there's a Mbak Ria from Kuwaci Kecil as a founder and player. and the other team is a guys who's i know before,
there's my old friend Octo, Mas Iwan Effendi (Mbak Ria hubby) is friend of Ay and Amanda Mita which i know from her blog Perempuan Gimbal. and that night is my nite...my damn unforgetable nite !!!

the first theater that i see in Jogja is Waktu Batu from Theater Garasi, and that was the time that i feel ALIVE !!! i dunno how to describe the ALIVE meaning, but that is the part of the reason why i really love this town called Jogja. and when i move to Tangerang i just lost that feeling until this nite...
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thanks to u guys in Papeppermoon, especially Mbak Ria who give me 2 time oportunity to see ur damn good work for MWATHIRIKA.

and u guys just check about MWATIRIKA in HERE !!! hope it can show to around the world...they must see how this little bald girl named Ria :p and the gangs in Pappermoon makes the puppet fairy tale comes in to a great theater show that they can ever forget :) evaaaaaa evaaaaa.....!!!

*all pic took by my beloved Ay*

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!
(you can check aprodhita's blog.. HERE !!)

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